Dalmatian klapa
26. September 2020.

Dalmatian klapa

Many tourists and lovers of Omiš will say that the city is the most beautiful in July and that exactly then, on hot summer nights, you can really feel the true spirit of the city. A great contribution to this thesis is given by the famous Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Singing, which almost every July evening fills the streets of Omiš with the sounds of the original klapa singing, recognized and protected by UNESCO. Music that quietly breaks through the streets will forever remain for many the first association with the city on the Cetina.

The festival has been held continuously since 1967 and to this day it has grown into the most important klapa music event in the world. During the four weeks of the festival, Omiš becomes a world centre of amateur a cappella singing, which every year attracts an increasing number of singers from all over the world - from South America through Africa to Australia!

But, although it is sung all over the world today, the original klapa song is exclusively Dalmatian. It was created hundreds of years ago by spontaneous gatherings of groups of friends who ended the evenings full of laughter and wine with - singing. Over time, the klapa song became more popular, the klapas more professional, and the voices of the singers more rehearsed. However, one ingredient of the true klapa song has remained the same from ancient times until today - it is never sung from the throat, but exclusively from the soul.


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