Church of St. Michael

The parish church of St. Michael in Omiš was built at the beginning of the 17th  century, which is confirmed by an inscription written in Latin on the side church door. The church was mostly built by local builders, and in the 18th century the old stone bell tower was completed. On the outer walls of the church are the coats of arms of Venetian nobles and the coat of arms of the town of Omiš. It combines stylistic features of Gothic, Renaissance and Early Baroque. The church is dominated by a magnificent stone portal of workshop of the well-known Brač-based Bokanić family, a window rose, a statue of St. Michael and the coat of arms of Omiš. On the wall above the side entrance are the coats of arms of the Venetian provveditores. The new bell tower was built according to the project of the Venetian engineer Giovanni Battista Camozzini. He owns valuable sacral works of art.